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ML to Cups Conversion

To change milliliters to cups you need to bear the following definitions in mind:

Metric cup = 250 mL
United States customary cup = 236.5882365 mL
United States “legal” cup = 240 mL
Imperial cup = 284.130625 mL
Canadian cup = 227.3045 mL

For the conversion you have to divide the volume in milliliters by the cup size you have. The mL to cups formula is [cup] = [mL] / cup size.

For example, if you have one hundred milliliters the formula above produces the following results, rounded to three decimal places:

100 mL = 0.4 metric cups, approximately 0.43 US customary cups, 0.417 US legal cups, ~ 0.352 imperial cups and roughly 0.440 Canadian cups.

If the cup size cannot be determined by a calibration or a hint in the cookbook, in all cases you don’t know which unit of measurement you have the following information might be helpful:

The legal cup has to be used by law for nutrition labeling in the United States, and the Imperial cup (1/2 imperial pints) is hardly used any longer.

Canadian cups sometimes mean 250 milliliters, the same volume as the metric cup. As the difference is significant, make sure you know which type of cup you have.

With respect to the cups used in the United States make sure to understand that the difference between legal and customary cups (1/2 U.S. pint) is only about 1.5 percent.

In any case, to change volumes from millilitres to cups we recommend that you use our converter which changes all kinds of cups and which you can find right below.

About our ML to Cups Converter

Our app is located at the top of this page.

There, insert the volume in milliliters using a decimal point for fractions, next choose the unit you have. You will be presented the result instantaneously.

To start over, you must press reset first; alternatively you may overwrite the value in the input field. Note that the results are rounded to ten decimal places.

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Milliliter to Cups

In contrast to mL to grams, where we have to consider the density of the substance (ρ = mass/volume), the milliliter to cups conversion is the same for all materials.

This on the grounds that the former is a volume to mass (weight) conversion, whereas the latter is a conversion of type volume to volume.

Therefore, for example, the volume conversion result for water is the same as for milk.

The SI symbols for liter are L or l, and the metric prefix milli (m) denotes a thousandth. Thus, milliliters (1/1000 of a liter) can be abbreviated as mL or ML.

For the best readability of milliliters (or millilitres, as spelled internationally outside the United States of America), we use mL in text and ML in titles.

We have already shown you how to convert mL into cups, and you also have our calculator at your disposal. Thus, answering these FAQs should be easy for you.

  • How much is a cup in mL? Answer: It depends on the cup size.
  • How many mL is a cup? Answer: Between 227.30 and 284.13 ml, depending on the measurement unit.
  • How many mL in one cup? 1 US customary cup ~ 236.58 ml.

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Yet, we would like to bring to your attention that you can find x mL per cup using the search form in the sidebar, assumed x is the actual volume in milliliters.

As can be seen in the depiction, there are five units in common use known as “cup”.

Here you can find everything about cups to mL, including a calculator.

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