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1 Cup in mL

Welcome to our article about 1 cup in mL, spelled out 1 cup in milliliters. Here we have all about this volumeconversion. If you have been wondering how many mL in 1 cup, or if you have been looking for 1 cup to mL, then you are right here, too, of course. Note that milliliters are abbreviated as ml or mL. Keep reading to learn how to transform 1 cup in mL using the formula, and make sure to try out our volume converter:



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Convert 1 Cup to mL

To get 1 cup in mL we have to multiply the volume in cups by the cup size in milliliters: The 1 cup to mL formula is [mL] = 1 x cup size. Thus, we obtain the following results:

  • 1 US customary cup to mL = 236.59 mL
  • 1 US legal cup to mL = 240 mL
  • 1 Metric cup to mL = 250 mL
  • 1 Canadian cup to mL = 227.3 mL
  • 1 Imperial cup to mL = 284.13 mL

Note that these results for 1 cup in mL have been rounded to two decimal places. If you are in doubt about your cup unit, then visit our home page for additional information.

From the above follows that the substance or food doesn’t enter the equation as the density is irrelevant for a volume to volume conversion such as 1 cup to milliliters.

In consequence, 1 cup to mL water is the same as, for example, 1 cup in mL for milk.

In any case, to get 1 cup in mL you must know the cup size under consideration, then you can either apply our formula or use the converter below, capable of changing any volume.

Insert the volume in cups as decimal, e.g. 1, next confirm or choose the unit you have. Then, press the convert button and you will be given the result of 1 cup into mL.

For a new conversion hit reset first to insert a volume different from 1 cup; in case you only want to change the cup size select the new unit and pressconvert again.

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1 Cup to mL

Reading our post till this line means that you already know that 1 United States customary cup is equivalent to 236.59 mL, 1 US legal cup is 240 mL and 1 metric cup equals 250 milliliters for example.

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If you cannot answer these questions, we recommend to you re-reading our article carefully.

Now, we would like to bring to your attention that one cup to mL can also be obtained by means of the search conversions form in the sidebar of our site.

Similarly, you may also look up terms like 1 cups to ml and one cups to mL, just to name a few. Give it a try now entering, for instance, convert 1 cup to milliliters.

1 Cup to mL Conversion

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